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Yeah. About those ‘student’ ‘protests’

What do Italy, Germany, Spain, Latvia and Argentina have to do with the cost of going to college in Britain?

Yes, exactly.

But there they were, in the thick of the “student” “protests” setting fire to shit and throwing shit and generally losing their shit all over Westminster (including, apparently, taking a shit on the Cenotaph).

Though the Daily Mail (which — I must say it — is not a very good newspaper) got it wrong about the Black Bloc: it’s a tactic, not a group. It’s dressing up in black, covering your face and raising hell. They’ve been running all over Europe since the Eighties, protesting squatter evictions, nuclear anything, abortion (restrictions on), the G-8, the G-20, Reagan, the Pope, virtue, kittens, a good ten cent cigar. Whatever.

Riot tourists. Bored rich kids who travel the (safe, Western) world taking part in violent (but ultimately harmless) street theater dressed up as scary anarchists, because burning stuff and peeing on sacred monuments is fun. And, let’s face it, the European and Canadian and American governments may be TEH EVIL, but they’re not going to open fire on a bunch of middle class kids having themselves some good, clean vandalism.

This lady is at least a student at the University of London. But at 37, don’t you think she’s been hanging off the public teat long enough?

And is there anything more telling than Dave Gilmour’s adopted son turning up in this bunch? Dad’s worth 78 million cool British rock’n’roll pounds, you think this kid worries about how he’s going to pay for his History course at Cambridge?

It’s big kid Hallowe’en for the useless spoiled progeny of the first world. And mummy and daddy back home will frown — then think back to their own student protest days and sigh wistfully.

And tomorrow the circus will move on, repair crews will sweep up the glass and replace the benches and absolutely, positively nothing will change.

December 14, 2010 — 10:04 pm
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