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Sadly, this is a post about cray-zee


I wasn’t actually looking for another post about cats tonight (Jack’s been his usual happy self today), but I saw the pic of the nice ginger tom on a bale of hay and clicked. It was a boring story about Cats Protection trying to rehome ferals at a country show. Ho hum.

Then I scrolled down to the comments. BANG — nutbaggery! Three breathless messages in quick succession from some guy calling himself Nature Advocate about how cats don’t kill rodents, they attract them, and how he’s shot and buried hundreds of cats on his property. Brrrr.

Too many links, too fast on the trigger, I had a hunch — and, sure enough, if you Google “Nature Advocate” and “cats”, dude is a very busy nutbar. How come the whackadoodles always use the same username wherever they go?

His three messages on that particular article are below, rearranged into chronological order. Bolding mine, italics me. I followed his links and it’s the usual tiny kernels of truth wrapped in a warm coating of crispy flakes. Like, he claims hundreds of people in the US have caught plague from cats; the actual article he links to says several. He claims that cats are the reservoir of plague in the US, but it’s actually prairie dogs and other rodents that cats come in contact with.

I quit after taking a desultory swipe at it. Truth is, it isn’t fun crazy, it’s just depressing and scary crazy. I don’t recommend giving it a read, unless this is exactly the kind of crazy you enjoy — in which case, try the Google search above for all the Nature Advocate batshittery you could ever want.

Nature Advocate
4:38 AM on 27/04/2017

Cats’ most insidious disease of all, their Toxoplasma gondii parasite that cats spread through their scat into all other animals. This is how humans get it in their dinner-meats, cats roaming around stockyards and farms (herbivores can contract this parasite in no other way). 60%+ of game-animals too. This is why cats are routinely destroyed around gestating livestock or important wildlife by shooting or drowning them. [news to me – he seems to savor the killing techniques – s] So those animals won’t suffer from the same things that can happen to the fetus of any pregnant woman. (Miscarriages, still-births, hydrocephaly, and microcephaly.)

Its strange life cycle is meant to infect rodents. Any rodents infected with it lose their fear of cats and are attracted to cat urine. scitizen . Com / neuroscience / parasite-hijacks-the-mind-of-its-host_a-23-509 . html [he’s broken apart all the links like this. Presumably so he doesn’t get filtered out as spam]

Cats attract rodents to your home with their whole slew of diseases (like The Plague from rats and fleas, many people have died from cat-transmitted Plague in the USA already, [several, according to his link] it is alive and well and being spread by cats today). [no, it’s endemic in prairie dogs and other rodents; cats pick it up from them] If you want rodents in your home keep cats outside of it to attract diseased rodents to your area. I experienced this phenomenon (as have many others), and all rodent problems disappeared after I shot and buried every last one of hundreds of cats on my lands. Much better NATIVE rodent predators returned to my lands, rather than these man-made cats that were just attracting more rodents.

Nature Advocate
4:41 AM on 27/04/2017

The myth about cats being good rodent control has been disproved on every island where cats were imported to take care of the imported rodents. Hundreds of years later and there’s nothing but a thriving population of cats and rodents — all the native wildlife on those islands now either extinct or on the brink of extinction — even those native species which are better rodent predators than cats (such as many reptiles and shrews which destroy rodents right in their nests), the cats having destroyed them directly or indirectly.

Cats actually attract disease-carrying rodents to where cats are. The cats then contract these diseases on contact with, or being in proximity to, these rodents. Like “The Black Death”, the plague, that is now being transmitted to humans in N. America directly from cats that have contracted it from rodents. Yes, “The Black Death” (the plague) is alive and well today and being spread by people’s cats this time around. Totally disproving that oft-spewed LIE about having more cats in Europe could have prevented the plague — more cats would have made it far far worse. Many people have already died from cat-transmitted plague in the USA in the last 2-3 decades; all three forms of it transmitted by CATS — septicemic, bubonic, and pneumonic. For a fun read, one of hundreds of cases, Cat-Transmitted Fatal Pneumonic Plague — ncbi . nlm . nih . / Gov / pubmed / 8059908

abcdcatsvets . Org / yersinia-pestis-infection /
“Recommendations to avoid zoonotic transmission: Cats are considered the most important domestic animal [because the real well of the disease are not domestic animals] involved in plague transmission to humans, and in endemic areas, outdoor cats may transmit the infection to their owners or to persons caring for sick cats (veterinarians and veterinary nurses).”

Nature Advocate
4:44 AM on 27/04/2017

Cats attracting these adult rodents right to them further increasing the cat/rodent/disease density of this happy predator/prey balance. It has been documented many many times — the more cats you have the more rodents and diseases you get. I even proved this to myself when having to rid my lands of hundreds of these vermin cats by shooting and burying every last one of them. A rodent problem started to appear about the same time the cats started to show up, 15 years of it. And, if you check the history of Disney’s feral cat problem, their rodent problem also started to appear at the very same time their cats showed-up. Coincidence? Not at all. (BTW: All cat-advocates’ beloved Disney’s TNR cats are no more, they’ve all been destroyed by hired exterminators last year. Disney finally wised-up.) [I could find no evidence of this at all. Many articles about the feral cats of Disney, though] All rodent problems around my home completely disappeared after every last cat was shot-dead and safely disposed of. All the better NATIVE rodent predators moved back into the area after the cats were dead and gone. Not seen one cat anywhere nor had even one rodent in the house in over seven years now. (So much for their manipulative, deceptive, and outright lie of the mythical “vacuum effect” too.)

Cats DO NOT get rid of rodents. I don’t care how many centuries that blathering FOOLS [*shakes fist*] will claim that cats keep rodents in-check, they’ll still be wrong all these centuries. Civilizations of humans have come and gone in great cities like Egypt, yet their cats and rodents remain in even greater pestilent numbers. [This, delightfully, makes no sense at all].

No cat population anywhere has ever been able to control rodents effectively, in fact cats only attract a rodent problem. But native predators can get rid of rodents — easily.


Comment from Rich Rostrom
Time: April 27, 2017, 10:50 pm

One tiny scrap of truth in all that spew:

Cats are the reservoir for Toxoplasma gondii, association with cats is regarded as the cause of the approximately 50% rate of human infection with T. gondii, T. gondii has definite psychological effects on infected rodents, and there is evidence (still very circumstantial) that it may have similar psychological effects on infected humans.

Comment from Ric Fan
Time: April 27, 2017, 11:10 pm

This guy is from the middle ages. Also, shooting cats would be illegal in the US. Isnt it illegal in the UK? Must be. Hunt him down!

As for Toxoplasma, dont share your cat’s litter box. Get your own.

Comment from Niña
Time: April 27, 2017, 11:37 pm

One of my cats is purring on my laptop right next to me, so I don’t want to read about some weirdo cat hater in the interwebs. Pffft to him.

Comment from QuasiModo
Time: April 28, 2017, 12:30 am

I can get enough crazy watching CNN or ESPN, don’t need any more. What we need is *sanity* :+)

Comment from durnedyankee
Time: April 28, 2017, 12:33 am

Cats attract rodents, yes, because what rodent doesn’t like to catch a good disease just before he or she becomes cat supper, or just the left over bits laying on the mat as an offering for the household catgod worshipers/wait staff.

(This guy should buy some tin foil for his dumbass rodents, and himself.)

Oh, and yes, one final note, like Humans, Cats are in fact NOT part of nature here on earth, they were placed here by, um, well, we’ll sort that out later, I’m not gonna say it was aliens, but, you know, it was uh, probably, uh….
But by no means should you belive that they are in fact just semi-domesticated earth evolved NATIVE PREDATORS.
That killing rodents thing you might see them do is just a clever slight of hand to lure the rodents into coming near them SO THEY CAN GIVE THEM COMMUNICABLE DISEASES!

Comment from durnedyankee
Time: April 28, 2017, 12:37 am

You know really, aside from the alleged cat slaughter, this batshit crazy was kinda refreshing, rather than say, the behavior of the Republican Congress these days, which is unpleasant evil batshit crazy.

Comment from ea in ga
Time: April 28, 2017, 7:27 pm

This is weird. We have a nut who writes almost exactly like Nature Advocate. My local TV stations and newspaper get very few comments unless they have a story about cats. Then the cat hater writes long, strange anti cat screeds which bring out the pro cat people. Funny that cats really bring out the crazy.

Comment from S. Weasel
Time: April 28, 2017, 9:00 pm

I’m not at all sure this guy’s a Brit. I think he has a permanent search on articles about cats. I would not be the least surprised if he published under other nicks.

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