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That Joe Biden – what a card! Amiright?

I’ve had a hate-on for Joe Biden ever since I saw this video of him arguing with a reporter about his IQ on the campaign trail. Every claim he makes in it is false, by the way. I didn’t know that then. What I saw was my least favorite kind of asshole: a blowhard.

For the record, that was in 1988.

So I had my eye on him when he chaired the Bork and later Thomas hearings. Jonah Goldberg made the observation that I couldn’t unsee: the smile he flashed every few minutes, like a tic, as if he was giving us all a little treat.

I tried to find video of it and ended up watching enough old hearing footage to piss myself off all over again (without finding what I wanted).

Goldberg went on to say that he liked Joe Biden anyway. He always was wet. (What was his NR column called? Everyone read it back in the day)

Everything since has further cemented my impression Joe is a glib dumb guy. A liar with a nasty temper. I can’t think of another example in history of a loser failing so far upward so many times for so long.

In short, I’m thoroughly enjoying the spectacle. As Howie Carr used to say, my heart feels like an alligator.

Of course, he’s not the same Joe Biden. He’s a potato. He’s still a dumb liar with a nasty temper, but he is no longer glib.

I don’t understand why now, though. He’s looked this bad dozens of times in the last few years, why panic at one more? Pundits are saying it’s because the public pays attention to the debates and this was their first sight of it. But how do they know that? They must have some amazingly quick internal polling.

Anyway – thank you, America. I badly needed this distraction from 2024 British politics. Don’t ask.

July 9, 2024 — 7:44 pm
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