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The lock on the chapel door. They actually hauled out a big-ass key and demonstrated the locking mechanism for us, which much surprised me. It works.

Sackville College is still an almshouse. They explained it was originally built to house 30 people and now can handle 15. The original cell-like single rooms were knocked together into tiny apartments, with a bedroom, sitting room, kitchenette and bath. I would love to have seen one, but naturally they didn’t let us anywhere near the living quarters.

I was very curious about the selection process, but nobody else seemed to be, so I dropped it after a couple of questions. People with a relationship to East Grinstead (sometimes a very tenuous one) put in an application. The finalists meet with the warden and assistants and, if successful, they agree what the inmate will pay in rent. Nobody else ever knows what that amount is.

You have to be without a home. You can’t sell your house to apply, but you can have modest savings. If you need more than casual care, you have to leave for a nursing home. Seems an awful lot of drama to provide assisted living to fifteen people, but it’s an interesting mechanism to support the upkeep on a 400-year-old relic.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

July 5, 2024 — 6:05 pm
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