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I made another friend

Two, actually. A pair of lovely girls at a different village fête.

Brits are mad about donkeys. I’ve posted about it before. Uncle B says it’s because they began to go abroad and see the horrible lives donkeys led in faraway lands.

There are, like, twenty donkey rescues up and down the land and between them they’ve saved tens of thousands of beasts at home and abroad.

Donkey love long predates that, though. Donkey rides on the beach have been a staple of seaside holidays for little English children since Victorian times.

So very sad to hear our local donkey rides were closed down this year – I think she said because of insurance. I search tells me that they’re being cancelled all over the country for animal welfare reasons. Though one wag is blaming climate change.

Is there nothing it can’t do?


Comment from Randall
Time: August 31, 2022, 8:28 pm

From Oliver Twist;

Mr. Gamfield growled a fierce imprecation on the donkey generally, but more particularly on his eyes; and, running after him, bestowed a blow on his head, which would inevitably have beaten in any skull but a donkey’s. Then, catching hold of the bridle, he gave his jaw a sharp wrench, by way of gentle reminder that he was not his own master; and by these means turned him round.

Comment from durnedyankee
Time: August 31, 2022, 9:17 pm

That’s all right, they’ll be grateful for all the “Warming” when they’re freezing their asses off this winter while Putin burns off the surplus gas rather than send it through the pipes to Europe.

Comment from Anonymous
Time: September 1, 2022, 12:28 am

Actually change the climate?

Comment from gebrauchshund
Time: September 1, 2022, 12:33 am

There are many things climate change cannot do.

There is nothing for which it cannot be blamed.

Comment from Mitch
Time: September 1, 2022, 2:35 am


I’ve read that Russia is actually selling the gas they used to sell to Europe to China instead, who is then putting it on ships to sell to Europe at a significant markup.

Comment from Veeshir
Time: September 1, 2022, 3:41 am

The only thing climate change can’t do is whatever global warmmongers say it will.

Comment from ExpressoBold
Time: September 1, 2022, 7:03 pm

Donkeys are more emotional than one might imagine…


Comment from Durnedyankee
Time: September 2, 2022, 12:20 am

@Mitch – I read the other day one of the facilities they have near Finland was doing flare burns with ‘excess’ gas…

Which the global warming freaks were screaming about because the Russian candle was “melting the polar ice cap, because of soot.”

Daily Fail articles from the 26th thru the 29th.

Comment from Allen
Time: September 2, 2022, 6:59 pm

Oooo, burros. I went to the Wild Horse and Burro facility the other day that the BLM has, no that’s Bureau of Land Management not those other bi-pedal pustules, where they had a plethora of the guys. They came running over to the fence and carrot chaos commenced.

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