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We did the thing again

Did you know the original cat cafe was in Taiwan? Japanese tourists loved the idea and brought it home. There are now maybe 40 cat cafes in Tokyo and even a dog cafe.

I know all this because Uncle B shouted it to me from the other room.

Bunch of skinny little Romanian street kitties at our local, except the one skinny little ginger who was picked up off the street in Portugal by vacationing Italians.

Call me crazy, but I bet it would be cheaper to rehome cats in their country of origin than to fly them all over the world to be rehomed. Surely we have homegrown feral cats.

This is only the second time we’ve been. First time was in December. We’ve meant to come back ever since, but it’s been awkward finding time when we’re free and the kids are in school. Children take the zen atmosphere of a cat cafe and make it squeal.

Today, it was just us, the staff, a young French couple and 13 sleepy kitties drowsing in the sun. Very relaxing.


Comment from Uncle Al
Time: June 27, 2024, 11:16 pm

The whole idea of a cat cafe is appealing. Alas, the closest one to Sarasota County seems to be in Orlando, and that’s surprising to me. You wouldn’t think that The Boss Mouse would let a herd of cats move onto his turf.

Orlando is a few hours away but I’d need another reason to go there besides just being curious about a cat cafe. But I want to be nowhere near anything Disney because of the brimstone fumes.

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