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More cat belly

See, it’s trying to compensate for the bad flash on the phone cam that’s causing the gray weirdnesses.

October 22, 2020 — 8:28 pm
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Huh. My phone pic was out of focus and it went weird when I tried to fix it. I kind of like it weird.

The things I’ll do to avoid just re-taking the flipping photograph.

I attended two Zoom meetings at once today! I had an important work meeting I had to host and it turns out it was at the exact same time as the Prehistoric Society’s AGM. Two computers, an earbud under my headphones. It was easier than I feared since the Prehistoric Society had slides with text. And nobody was the wiser.

Then I amused myself rewatching Freeman’s Mind. It’s a playthrough of Half Life, but with Gordon Freeman babbling to himself. Yes, it’s old.

October 21, 2020 — 8:56 pm
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Lookee what I got!

Kanye’s on the ballot! I thought he’d failed to qualify somehow (lack of signatures?). There’s, like, TWENTY people up for president.

A hunnert and ninety-two little ovals to choose from. It’s like an IQ test. I mean, thanks I guess, Tennessee…but are you sure you know your electorate?

Also, it says no postage necessary in the US, but I’m not *in* the US. That’s the whole freaking point.

I’ll put postage on it. I always do. I want to be sure.

Voting for Ye, obviously.

p.s. and have a small but leonine cat.



October 20, 2020 — 8:10 pm
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Say it with me: pisiform

That little knobbly bit in the wrist is the pisiform cartilege. It does indeed mean pea-shaped. It covers the pisiform bone in cats. This site says it’s vestigial, but I had read it was a shock absorber.

You have a pisiform bone, too. It’s the lumpy wrist bone farthest over on the pinkie side. Fortunately, you probably don’t have a pisiform cartilege, though, because that would look gross hanging off of you.

And because I apparently forgot to hit ‘publish’ last night, today you get two!

October 19, 2020 — 8:18 pm
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Must’ve been a Monday job

Documenting big cat’s sloppy paint job. There are some terrible bits that don’t show here, like the white V on his back and the random black spots on his legs. My favorite is the white ring near the end of his tail, though.

Silly puss.

I read once that skin temperature is how color is decided in bi-color animals. It’s obviously a very narrow difference. There was some appalling experiment where they shaved black and white rabbits and held icecubes to their skin, I seem to remember reading. That doesn’t make sense, though, does it?

— 7:15 pm
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Big cat in a deck chair

Big cat has the most unusual face – he has an aquiline nose. I’ve never seen that in a cat before. Haven’t really shown it properly here.

October 17, 2020 — 6:49 pm
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The cat has my chair. The cat has had my chair most of the day. Ordinarily, I don’t let the cat have my chair all day, I pick him up and put him on my lap and he’s fine with it. But today I had to keep getting up to do things and he began to get pissy with me, so I just let him have it.

I miss my chair.

October 14, 2020 — 6:42 pm
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Do mice eat mice?

It’s that time of year – the mice are coming in for the Winter. They’re making an awful ruckus. I set a trap between our two freezers (where the cats can’t get to it but the mice can) and caught my first of the season last night.

I didn’t want to deal with it then, so I put it off until morning.

In the morning, I note the trap and mouse were dragged partway behind one freezer. Not surprising, I didn’t feel like dealing with it in the morning, either.

By afternoon, the trap was there, but the mouse was gonzo.

I know mice are opportunistic omnivores. I’ve known them eat everything from soap to silicon spatulas. But cannibalism? Really?

p.s. the internet says they will, but due to starvation or overcrowding.

p.p.s. yes, Roberta McCain was in the Dead Pool. You know what that means.

October 13, 2020 — 6:35 pm
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Note to self: don’t draw a black and white cat with a ballpoint unless you’re willing to commit your afternoon to tonal values.

October 12, 2020 — 5:21 pm
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Scribbly cat

Wellington spent the afternoon on my lap, so this was scribbled with my paper resting against his flank. Placid little beast.

I know he’s getting bigger because my knees hurt.

p.s. If you received your dick this week, thank Donald Trump (or Joe Biden, for that matter). I had to get my absentee ballot request into the mail by mid-October, face mask or no face mask, so I struggled in with the pile of dicks that had been ready and on my desk since before the lockdown.

There’s another pile not quite ready to go, so don’t despair if yours doesn’t turn up this week. After which, I’ll need help tracking down the stragglers.

October 11, 2020 — 6:52 pm
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