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Ow! I think I broke my ethnicity.

crumpets and gravycrumpets

What is this? I’m glad you asked! It’s fried chicken with crumpets and gravy.

Dear sweet fancy Moses.

I didn’t have any biscuits ready made, okay? I hadn’t planned on making gravy but when I was done frying I couldn’t bear to throw out all the lovely chicken grease and crispy bits.

I only had this packet of crumpets because I wanted to show Uncle B. (Look Uncle B! Crumpets! And they were actually made in the bakery at my local Stop & Shop!)

Wasn’t bad, okay?

If you think a crumpet looks like an English muffin cut in half, you would be correct. That is what they taste like. Which is presumably why we call English muffins English muffins. The English don’t call them that, on account of they mostly know where they are.

A crumpet is cooked on a griddle and an English muffin in an oven, which accounts for why the former has a bottom and a top and the latter has an outside and an inside.

Heh. Y’all didn’t think I could talk about politics four days in a row, did you?

April 24, 2008 — 11:37 am
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