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Weasel tested, Wile E. Coyote approved


I’m totally indebted to Pupster for this suggestion. It’s a PaintStick. You suck paint up into it and then squoosh it out through the roller. It KICKS ASS. I covered more square feet in an hour after work today than I did all day Saturday (though I did do a bunch of edging on Saturday).

I went to five different stores trying to find it (including Ace Hardware and Target, which HomeRight’s website said would have them). Nope. One smartass tried to hand me a stick. You know, a the kind you stir paint with. I got the impression they all knew what I was talking about but they were just screwing with me. Rhode Island is like that.

I finally broke down and ordered it on Amazon. I got Black and Decker’s version, because I’ve always liked B&D’s stuff. Only $25 — as opposed to $40, so plenty left over to get two-day shipping.

Thanks, Dog. I owe you one.

April 10, 2008 — 5:44 pm
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