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Okay, can somebody esplain Twitter to a weasel?


I signed up for Twitter ages ago — before I left the States, I think — and occasionally, I get notification that someone is following me. But beyond that, I haven’t touched it. I haven’t really got the rhythm of the thing.

I signed up for FaceBook at the same time, under my people name, and I kind of get the rhythm of that. I change my status every few days and once or twice a day, I check in to see what my buds from Rho d’Island are up to. Though, even then, way too much of the traffic is some paste-eating mouth-breather from High School telling me what’s for supper.

Oh. Yeah. I’m also a level 125 Fearless El Jefe Experto in Mafia Wars. Yes, that kindofa loser.

So, tell me how you use Twitter. Do you mostly follow people, or topics? How do you know when something interesting is going on? Do you talk back and forth? Does it become like a conversation? How much of it is paste-eating mouther-breather dinner menus? Is it just something to fill the time when Hot Air hasn’t updated for an hour, or have you found it genuinely useful?

Inquiring weasels want to know.

September 29, 2009 — 5:21 pm
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