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There. Done. Everybody shut up and go home now.

So fifty knuckleheads in Florida vow to do something small, dumb and pointless, and the next thing you got the pope and the president and the prime minister and the general in charge of the war and everybody all up in there screaming and flapping and turning a small moment of private stupid into a HUGE INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT.

If a Koran burns in the forest and AP doesn’t report it, do thousands rally in Afghanistan?

Oh, retaliation? Really? You mean they haven’t really hated the West all that much, but NOW they’re serious? Instead of being mad at us, now they’re extra super mad?

What comes after that? Double extra super times-infinity-plus-one mad?

Seriously. Everybody shut up. Go home. Stop embarrassing me.

September 10, 2010 — 1:30 pm
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