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I’m slipping…

Oh, hell — did I really let not one, but TWO of you pick a death row inmate in the Dead Pool? What’s more, EZnSF helpfully picked “That guy on death row in Texas” and then Warplanner made four picks, no doubt all of them under sentence of death, but at least he gave their goddamn names.

If they really do off the guy tonight, I can’t see any way around it — steel cage match. Oooohhh…there’s so going to be a new Rule Zero next time.

Y’all are lucky I put my zither banjo back together tonight after weeks of gluing things and polishing bits. The head finally dried this afternoon, ready for stringing.

Turns out, gut strings aren’t tied off for you and you have to learn to tie knots.

Yeah. Kinda busy.

Update: ruling — nah. Dead Pool is still on. Allen reminds me I smacked him upside the head for trying to pick a death row inmate once before.

July 7, 2011 — 10:34 pm
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