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A little flat

So, no, I didn’t watch the Republican debate, but I think I’ll watch the famous Jobs Speech.

Have you ever seen something so purely, perfectly, blazingly stupid that it’s like a precious jewel of stupid?

I was listening to the radio once when the newsreader informed me, “our antibiotics don’t work any more because we’ve evolved too much.” Beautiful. A gem without price.

Well, I think the Big Jobs Speech is going to be stupid on that level. Fun stupid. To start with, He’s Giving Another Damn Speech. It’s like he cannot fucking beLIEVE he’s lost his mojo. (C’mon baby, one more speech. One more speech will do it! It has to!)

Plus…wait, he’s making a speech? So, like, his jobs plan is to make a speech? So the first Congress gets to hear what Obama’s thinking, it’s at the same time as we all do?

I’m sure his team thinks that’ll hold Republican toes to the fire (because we’re bound to love love LOVE his proposals), but I think it’s a major fuck-up. Because most people in the real world understand that’s not how you negotiate a compromise with a difficult opponent, by selling the deal to a third party.

It’s like trying to force your husband to do something he doesn’t want by going to his mom behind his back and getting HER to nag him.

And if that’s the plan, it assumes a) Obama is going to say something substantial enough to like or dislike and b) we will, in fact, like it. From the talking points, it sounds like the grand job plan is, “alright, y’all need to cut the crap now and do what I want.” Oh, and it’s post-partisan because he’s blaming everybody whose middle name isn’t Hussein.

I think I’m going to enjoy this. If anybody walks out in the middle, I might just swoon.

September 8, 2011 — 8:16 pm
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