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The president is really, really cheesed off at you

Also, his pants are around his ankles.

I have no idea why this image popped into my head as illustrative of Obama’s current dilemma. It just seems the more he tries to play hardball, the sillier he looks.

You know, lefties have a point. Obama has done so many things to disappoint them — from keeping Guantanamo open to backing off on EPA regs to, well, lots of things — in many ways, he’s governed like George Bush’s third term. So why are us wingnuts so hard on him?

Well, thing is, I *am* pleased when he does something out of character, like stepping up drone strikes or getting Osama. Of course I am. But it’s all so terribly random. We know his heart is with the left, but his actions are all over the board.

Clearly, much of what he’s doing at the moment is with an eye to the 2012 elections. But he’s not very good at pandering, so it comes off as merely erratic and incoherent.

Much power and completely unpredictable? Bad combo.

September 6, 2011 — 9:02 pm
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