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Uncle B brought home a special holiday cold from London last week, and I thought just maaaaaaybe I’d avoided catching it.


How bad is it? My skin hurts.

How bad is it? I couldn’t even be arsed to take my own picture of wadded up tissues; I pinched this one off the internet. Not that we’re posh enough to use actual tissues — it’s store brand paper towels for our plebian snouts.

Brits call paper towels “kitchen roll.” They call Nyquil “Night Nurse.” See? Even in agony, I impart unto you secret expatriate knowledge.

Also, we’ve invented a thing we call a snot log. We take the empty paper towel tube, stuff it with all the used bits and throw it on the fire. One roll’s worth per tube — the finished log weighs about two pounds and burns with a merry light.

Oof. Can y’all make your own fart jokes without me for a while? Ta.

November 28, 2012 — 10:54 pm
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