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…this just in…

Me. I’m just in.

The whole neighborhood got together for a BBQ tonight. The wine did flow, the burgers did broil. Sadly, it’s still fucking freezing, so we all had to huddle together inside.

Didn’t much slow us down.

What we have for weather is the very edge of the same system that’s dumped so much rain on France, Germany and Austria. Don’t know if you saw — they had to evacuate the paintings from the basement of the Louvre. I think they said the Seine was fifteen feet above its usual level.

No rain for us (for the most part). Just clouds and cold. It’s supposed to start improving tomorrow.

But for tonight, we sleep off the festivities. Have a good weekend, peeps!

¡Atención! Montenegro wins the dick with Muhammad Ali! See everyone back here next Friday for DEAD POOL ROUND 86.

June 3, 2016 — 9:54 pm
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