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Movie night!


Okay, last one from the weekend’s flower shows. Yes, that is a people-sized replica of Oscar. Where this little village church got so much gold foil, I do not know.

The theme of this flower show was — duh — favorite movies and it was loads of wholesome fun. Let’s end the week with a little quiz, shall we?

Can you guess what movie this flower arrangement represents? No? I cheated; I had the program. Here’s your answer. Heh.

Okay, how about this one? That’s a little easier. Answer.

Right. Last one. Look closely for clues in the props. And the answer is this one! In church. Near the pulpit.

There were loads more, but those were the most fun.

Not much on this weekend. Nothing tomorrow, and a ploughing match on Sunday. I don’t plough much these days; lower back trouble. Good weekend, all!

September 2, 2016 — 8:39 pm
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