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The things I shop for

sealI’ve had a frustrating week on eBay. I found someone with a collection of old pigments (from Cornelissen, no less!), exactly what I’m looking for, but he won’t put them in the mail because “Royal Mail is awfully strict about powders these days.”

Same for a courier. Sad. I’m hoping he goes away and thinks about it and greed outweighs fear.

So now I’m shopping for replica wax seals. The seals monarchs put on documents were sometimes the size of dinner plates. We have one or two in the collection at work.

You can buy museum-quality casts for not much. This is a small one of Liz the Oneth. Quite reasonable.

I guess the idea is that we buy some replica seals and I make casts of the casts, so kids can handle them.

Yeah, no. I’m not bigtime into kids, but if you want that sweet, sweet grant money…

January 17, 2018 — 10:06 pm
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