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More fun with eBay UK

I’m still looking for a rough old writing slope I can use for an oil paint box. Everything so far is too big, too small, too fancy, too expensive or too crap. I’ll find it in the end. Meanwhile, I keep running into the most weird and wonderful things. If you ever have time to kill, I recommend going to eBay UK and looking at “best match” under, say, Antique Woodenware.

In addition to last week’s 18th Century Reeves paint box, I found an even more complete one from 1835, a fine student set from 1883, and various other also rans.

Turns out, George Rowney and Co. is also an older brand of art supplies than I realized, with two nice examples from the 19th C, a painter’s watercolor box and this one labeled “Box of Colours for Illuminating and Missal Painting” — I didn’t know that was still a thing in the Victorian age.

Also learned a word: treen. “Small domestic wooden objects, especially antiques.” AKA weird little bits of old wooden junk.

Behold, treen! Ow! Charming. Yipe! What’s he doing here? Ohhhh…I don’t think I want this on a cane topper. Ew.

Of course, I realize this post will age badly. Not long after the auctions are over, the links will go dead. Sometimes, you just gotta be there.

April 17, 2018 — 6:45 pm
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