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I think I saw one of these today. Probably not this model, which is from California, but an electric motorcycle of some kind.

I was surprised to learn it’s a thing. Even Harley-Davidson has one.

All the articles I read go on about how fast they can go (very fast, by the way). But my question is, how far can they go on a charge? And how heavy is the battery?

Bike batteries like mine have about five years in them. Or, rather, they pledge to lose no more than 20% of their efficiency every year. And they’re hella expensive.

Anyway, it swooshed down the road we live on making a weird zzzZZZzzz sound. I’m surprised that’s acceptable. I thought most motorcycle riders were in it for the BURBLE-A-BURBLE-A-BURBLE-A.

If that becomes the default engine sound some day, the roadkill will be epic 🙁

August 31, 2020 — 8:00 pm
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