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Picture uncredited; couldn’t find source.

Happy World Cat Day (not to be confused International Cat Day) (or, for that matter, National Cat Day, National Feral Cat Day, National Black Cat Day or any of the other silly made up cat holidays). Yes, you have guessed — this sad excuse for a post means I still feel like shit, though I did go into work for an hour today.

Whoever warned me to be careful of whisky and ginger wine, you were right. I was wrong. I have paid for my foolishness.

I’m hoping to post a miraculous recovery from here; there’s a seminar I really, really want to go to on Friday. But it will involve getting up at the crack of dawn and walking to the train station, just for starters.

Gin and tonic never hurt anyone, right?

February 17, 2016 — 11:11 pm
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