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Useless me.


For some reason, I’m tired and useless tonight. I’ve done nothing but dinner prep (just the prep; Uncle B does wok duty) and browse /r/badtattoos.

Nothing cheers me up quite like stupid people and the bad decisions they make.

Only, I beg to differ on the one in the picture (color here). This is an excellent piece bit of mechanical draftsmanship. I only wish I could read the flow chart.

Join me? Skip Reddit and go right to the Imgur album for /r/badtattos.

Bonus: today is Imgur’s seventh birthday, apparently. If you have an account (at least, I suspect you have to have an account), you get to click on a present icon and are served a Bazooka-bubblegum-worthy lousy stinking rotten joke.

February 22, 2016 — 9:33 pm
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