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Dead Monkey

If you hoped to pick Koko the Signing Gorilla in the Dead Pool tomorrow, you’re out of luck. She daid. Also, she was a monkey.

Oh, don’t give me that ‘gorillas aren’t monkeys’ crap. Who are you, Gregor Mendel?

I’ll be honest, fam — I’m pretty seriously monkey phobic. (Long story. Has to do with a childhood friend of my mother’s who had a circus act).

So I’m prejudiced, I admit. But I don’t buy for a minute that she had an IQ of 85 and a vocabulary of…however many words she’s supposed to have had a vocabulary of. Without her ‘interpreters’, I’m not convinced she could consistently sign “ook ook banana.”

Also, of all the dozens of pictures of Koko with kittens, have you ever noticed how unhappy the cats look? And how it’s always baby kittens? What happened to them…? Just sayin’.

Well, whatever. Back here tomorrow, 6 WBT. Dead Pool 110!

June 21, 2018 — 9:31 pm
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