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Yeah, I was s’posed to post this last night

Okay, then…how about a six foot tall copper meditation pyramid?

This is a custom made 100% copper pyramid with French doors. It measures 6 foot at the base and has an overall height of 58.26 inches matching the proportions of the great pyramid at Giza. Materials used are 16 gauge textured copper sheet,1/8 inch hand wrought copper piano type hinges with copper pins, 1/8 hand wrought copper riveting brackets (second to last photo), 1/8 inch x 1 1/2 inch hand wrought backing strips, 3/4 inch thick wall copper tube frame TIG welded with copper filler (last photo during construction), and copper rivets. This item is made to order.

Only $8,500!

I didn’t realize pyramids were still a thing, but eBay lists dozens of the boogers big enough to crawl into. Huh.

So — changing the subject — I just had my first ever yogurt #fail. After six hours on heat, it has totally neglected to set.

I thought my culture was starting to drift a little, so I went back to the storebought packaged starter. Third time I’ve used one of these, with great success every other time.

My only departure — I usually add the culture where I mean to carry on, about about 110°. This time, I let it cool to about 90°, added the culture and brought it up to 110°.

The hell? Being cold doesn’t hurt the bugs, otherwise you couldn’t make yogurt from last week’s fridge yogurt. Any ideas?

p.s. Next day. Still not set, it’s as loose as milk. Tastes a little sour, so I’m sure there’s a lactobacillus in there. I bought another liter of milk today, but you think I dare try re-cooking this one?

p.p.s. Lester III wins the Dead Pool with Joe Jackson. Quick, but not the quickest ever. You know what that means…back here, day after tomorrow, 6WBT, Dead Pool Round 111.

June 27, 2018 — 10:00 pm
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I’m fine! I’m fine!

Sorry youse guys! I didn’t mean to worry you!

I did a post last night, but didn’t hit PUBLISH on it before I went to bed, I guess. Looks like. Then I had monitor troubles today and got so wadded up about that, I didn’t notice.

My main monitor keeps fading to white. Last time that happened — couple of years ago — I bought a new card. Now the new card is doing it. Is my motherboard a card killer?



Have to go out, but I’ll put up last night’s post when I get back.

It wasn’t very good, but I did have a question.

— 1:38 pm
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