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I have to share

I received the most charming letter to work today. I have blurred it a bit, but I don’t suppose the writer will ever see it for reasons that will become apparent in a moment. She begins by saying she’s planning on visiting the town some time in the near future and will our collection be open for viewing. Then the corker:

Of equal importance so far as I am concerned at least, can you perhaps note that I don’t have the benefit or luxury of a computer here so I’m afraid it would be pointless, futile and impossible trying to urge and direct me towards such things as websites, emails or other similar fancy devices and hence for this reason I do, therefore, eagerly look forward to hearing from your good self in these respects in due course.

I am stonked. Naturally, I wrote her a nice letter and tucked a brochure in the envelope.

So what do we have here, an old person, a young person or merely an odd person?

May 27, 2021 — 7:16 pm
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