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Fox watch

They look such little angels when they sleep, don’t they? I did try to find the owner of this image. I got 13 pages of hits on Tineye.

My next door neighbor did send me a phone pic of the actual fox, but it was an unreadable blur and now I can’t even find it. I don’t know which benighted app she used to send it to me.

Yes, fox. Two, in fact. In broad daylight. Canoodling.

Well, I don’t mind the canoodling so much. It’s the attempting to eat my chickens part I object to. Uncle B chased them out of our garden, then we heard reports up and down the neighborhood as two amorous foxes had appeared in back gardens.

Three. We got three reports. We’re rural.

This puts pressure on my housing situation. A certain amount of free ranging is necessary for me to cope with four adult roosters (swapping them in and out as necessary).

I’m going to try to give away one of my boys 🙁

January 10, 2022 — 8:02 pm
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