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Vampire meows

We went to a popup cat cafe, y’all! It was a trip.

You have to pre-book and pay in one-hour increments. When we turned up, it was full of screaming little girls, which was less than optimum. But the cats were all around five or six months old, so they were just the age to love screaming little girls waving cat toys.

All the cats in this group were from Romania. I guess Romania has an awful track record for animal welfare so they’re working with a charity there. They all come over completely feral, so it was remarkable how socialized they have already become. I didn’t get bitten or growled at once, though Uncle B had his leg climbed like a telegraph pole by a kitten in search of his fruitcake.

We were warned that all the cats are partial to people food. I had to make some quick moves with the milk jug.

The cat in the picture is Ziggy, who was all white with a black spot on his head. His sister is all black with a white tip to her tail.

We didn’t bring anybody home, though.

December 5, 2023 — 7:47 pm
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