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Uncle B went out this morning and my package was leaning against the front door. In fairness to FedEx, they have phoned me several times and missed me, trying to track down what happened. Which tells me what happened was it was delivered to someone farther up the road, who got around to hand delivering it back. It hadn’t been opened.

I’ve tried to tell FedEx to cancel the case number and spare themselves further hassle, but they make it so hard to get in touch.

The lenses were from a company called Zenni in the States, which seems like some kind of luxury glasses firm. The package was so sexy I’m considering getting a pair of specs from them (I need a new pair). Sexy, sexy bifocals.

The good news is, I was home sick with this cold and able to play with the headset today. The bad news is, I was home sick with this cold and really didn’t feel like it.

March 7, 2024 — 5:55 pm
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