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But I could if I wanted to

It blows me away what you can buy here. These four 18th C glass goblets have come up to auction for guide price, left to right, £300 – £500, £100 – £200, £50 – £100 and £500 – £1000. The engraved ones are naturally worth more because each is a unique work of art.

I can’t say I was even aware of 18th C glass before I moved here, but I’ve developed a real taste for it. Not sure why. If I bought these, I’d only contribute to their rarity by breaking them. I am a very clumsy woman. But it doesn’t mean I can’t window shop.

These four auction lots start here, if you’d like to see them big. Plenty of other things to enjoy in that auction too, if you poke around.

Me, I’ve been fighting technology all. day. long. I am exhaust.

April 4, 2024 — 7:51 pm
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