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This from a thunderstorm two nights ago. We only got rain. Photo from Stonehenge Dronescapes (interesting YouTube channel at the link. Seems to be mostly crop circles). Do check out the color version on Twitter.

I post that picture because I’m just too gosh-darned nice to post the picture Uncle B took of the giant rat dead on the kitchen floor. He was a chungus. Did I tell you he ate half of a 10-kilo bag of dry cat food? Yeah.

At least he had the courtesy to die in the open. I’m sitting stewing in a choking miasma of his fallen comrades. Comrats. Somewhere in the walls and cabinets of this house there are truly awful things.

Thank god it’s warm enough to open the windows and doors.


Comment from ExpressoBold
Time: May 17, 2022, 8:42 pm

Have you had your plague inoculation? … or at least a sufficient supply of doxycycline to treat infection!

I once had the great idea to leave my doors open in the spring to keep the house cool without running the A/C. I invited in a lot of mice!

Finding a rat anywhere near or in my living space would be just the freakiest thing ever. How dare they intrude in polite surroundings with their fleas and long front toofies!

Here. You can have the same image without having to transit the twit…

Comment from Allen
Time: May 17, 2022, 9:08 pm

My rats and mice come with Bubonic Plague or Hanta Virus. Which reminds me, the original Hobbit story was about Bubo Baggins who apparently was not well regarded, the story didn’t make it past the editorial staff. The last part about Tolkien may be apocryphal though.

Comment from BJM
Time: May 18, 2022, 12:46 am

I dunno if you get Rat Sorb in the UK but there must be something similar, a commercial product or some such.

It works. I just used it on bat pee. We recently demolished a structure where bats lived under the eaves…the colony moved under the house…we lured them out with a bat box and they are happily ensconced far from the house…their pee smell wafted up through the floor and into the drawers in the kitchen island. ewww…gag…rinse & repeat. I put some Rat Sorb on a cotton ball, dropped that into a bathroom-sized paper cup. Next day all clear.

I’ve used for a dead mouse in a wall too. It has a lemony-menthol scent.

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