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Has anybody noticed that the TTLB Ecosystem is busted?

Been dead for at least a month. Some of the buttons work sometimes, kind of. Some of the data will display. But the headlines in the Hot Topics section are from late December, and nobody’s blog is moving. It’s like the automated bits are chugging along, but slowly falling to pieces without human supervision.

My WordPress site barely made it into Wiggly Worm territory, so it’s hardly a bragging rights thing for me, but I did find the charts handy. And I liked to check out my neighbor Worms.

What I find creepy about this, though, is the silence. Google and Technorati only yielded a couple of brief mentions on small blogs. I would’ve expected the collapse of the Ecosystem to make a big splash in Blogonia.

February 20, 2007 — 9:43 am
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