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My Laguiole arrived! It’s a beautiful piece of work, and wicked sharp. They didn’t quite buff out all the tool marks; perhaps that’s to show it’s really hand made. I like the little engraved curlicues down the…hmm…do they call it the “tang” on a folding knife?

I spent some time pressing on that knob at the base of the blade (the bee; it’s a trademark) and thinking I was weak or stupid when I couldn’t get it to release. Both, it turns out — it’s not a locking blade.

I’ve been waving it around and shouting, “I weel CUT you!” but nobody else seems to find that funny. Buncha sourpusses.

April 25, 2007 — 4:23 pm
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Ack! I’ve brokened it!

Messing with my sidebars last night apparently pissed Explorer off. My content is all shoved down below the right sidebar, and I didn’t realize it because I don’t fire up IE at home unless I have to. I can’t fix it from work, because something in the firewall times me out when I try to access my bloghost control panel. Not something I’m inclined to complain to the Helpdesk about, know’m mean?

So, we’ll have to crouch down here below the fold today. C’mon. It’ll be fun. We can build forts out of blankets and couch cushions and eat grilled cheese sammiches and watch cartoons.

Update: Fixed! But the sammiches and cartoons are still on!

— 7:53 am
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