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Look into these ten weepy eyes and…ummm…pick two


I know it’s a real long shot, but if anyone reading is near Colorado Springs and catless, commenter Scubafreak got hisself stuck with these five crusty hobgoblins and sure could stand to unload a few. The Humane Society was going to gas them. Yeah. There’s a title mismatch for you.

I know those goggle eyes and bony, stretched faces; that’s what all-but-starved looks like in a kitteh. Charlotte looked worse when I pulled her out of the squirrel trap: gray with filth, one eye crusted shut, a kink in her tail and no fur at all on her belly. She was the most repulsive little beast I’d ever touched with my bare hands. But she cleaned up real good…eventually.

You will — seriously — not find a more faithful cat than one you pulled from the brink when it was small. Charlotte is seven this year and still trails me everywhere like a shadow.

I make this two all black ones, two all gray ones and a gray-and-white, gender to be determined, age about eight weeks. I promise you, these babies will outgrow the knobbly look and be proper sleek and imperious kittehs in no time.

June 4, 2009 — 2:47 pm
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