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The indignity…


One of the neighbors, giving one of the neighbors a trim.

This was a demonstration of an old shearing machine by a local farmer. What they do for reals is import New Zealanders. They are fucking fantastic shearers of sheep, apparently.

The lady next door was telling me they got invited to a shearing (maybe next year, when people know us better). She said there was a great big Kiwi and his little apprentice. The big guy could shear a whole sheep in a minute. The apprentice took two minutes. Between the two of them, they did a herd of six hundred in a day.

And you thought you had a rough day.

After that, they put the wool in a sort of giant trash compacter and it comes out in a cube so dense and hard you can’t poke a dent in it with your finger.

Wool is graded mostly by the diameter of the individual fiber. The local variety of sheep has a very coarse wool that ends up mostly in carpets. You could be standing on one of my neighbors right now.

How rude.

July 16, 2009 — 7:16 pm
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