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Hurry if you want Ted Kennedy!


Hear ye, hear ye! The first ever sweasel.com celebrity deadpool shall now commence (seriously — right now! Nip into the comments and pick Ted Kennedy FAST).

Here be the rules:

I so don’t care if you’re a regular or if I never see you again; I’d better have good response on this or me and all six of my regular readers will be sitting around for twenty years waiting for George Fucking Soros to shuffle off. Fucker.

Him. Not you.

Remember, it’s not necessarily a death wish. You can pick someone you like and admire, if you think he or she is likely to be pining for the fjords anytime soon. It’s all about getting your paws on this:

Ohmygod thisisgonnabesogood

July 20, 2009 — 10:12 am
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