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End of an era

No, no…not poor old Jane Russell here, who fell off the twig this week, age 89. Bless her heart. There’s always something disturbing about visualizing the old age of people known primarily for their scorching hot sex appeal.

No, I mean Steamboat McGoo, who’s giving up blogging to spend more time at Denny’s. About his scorching hot sex appeal I do not wish to think.

If there’s one thing Ms Russell and Mr McGoo had in common, it was an almost mystical belief in the redemptive power of the booby.

G’wan over and wish the old coot well.

Me, I’ve got a routine blood draw tomorrow, so I’ve had nothing but oatmeal all day, nothing but water from now until morning, and no booze tonight. In a word, meh.

March 3, 2011 — 10:59 pm
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The more you know…

Did you know, Providence, RI is the home of the diner? I did. And then I forgot. And then my mother-in-law called up all excited to tell me it, after she heard it on the radio late last night.

It says here, Walter Scott pulled a horse-drawn wagon up in front of the offices of the Providence Journal and sold plain grub to the newspapermen in 1872.

It’s hard to believe that was the first time anyone pulled food by horse and cart to a line of hungry men, but Providence is jealous of the title, so humor them. To this day, there are a bajillion excellent vintage diners in and around Providence. I’m pretty sure I’ve hit every one on this list.

The American Diner Museum isn’t actually a museum yet, but they’re working to restore a couple of old classics. Some neat info there, including a list of diners for sale. I totally think you should buy one.

The diner in the picture is still going strong in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I used to live in Pawtucket — Land o’ Limericks — and many’s a hearty Saturday breakfast I’ve eaten at the Modern. Mmmm-mmm!

No idea who the old geezer in the picture is. I stole it off somebody’s blog or Flickr stream or something. His name is Bob, apparently.

Everybody, wave to Bob!

— 12:51 am
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