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Terry Jones has a kind of “faces of meth” thing going, hasn’t he?

Seriously, why was this even reported? Burning a Koran is both stupid and legal in this country, if not as stupid as giving a cracker attention whore nobody preacherman just what he’s begging for. Way to reward bad behavior!

Next thing you know, you got the United Nations, the European Union, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, General Petraeus and who knows who else wringing their hands about it. Oh, way to signal that we think this is a big fucking deal, too.

We don’t. And pretending we do was exactly the wrong thing.

Asking rednecks not to do stupid things is like expecting water to flow up. Does the United Nations think Ray-Ray should buy those sweet-ass alligator boots if he can’t make his truck payment this month? Does Angela Merkel think Darlene should leave her kids in the car while she drops in for a couple of beers at the Lucky Seven?

So why make this bonehead a superstar?

Burning a book had not the slightest interest to an American audience. Even our Muslims didn’t seem all that wadded up about it. The only interested constituency was the excitable, primitive boo-boos in the back of nowhere.

So why does our media choose to serve THAT audience? It’s bizarre.

I have a theory. The MSM can no longer keep things hidden from us, so they’ve gone into the business of revealing things that we all agree would be better hidden.

What do you think? Too paranoid?

April 4, 2011 — 5:14 pm
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