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Important chicken update

Eleven weeks today, which is about halfway to point-of-lay (20-24 weeks). They’re starting to look like proper midget chickens, aren’t they?

We can let them roam more or less freely now, as long as one of us isn’t too far away. The cats ignore them, but Mad Mapp occasionally gets one cornered and gives her a right pecking.

This involves not much actual pecking, but an hellacious amount of squeaking and bugling.

I did nothing all day but sit in a lawnchair occasionally poking the TURN PAGE button on my Kindle and flicking bits of my lunch to the chickens. And a herring gull, two ring doves, several crows and an assortment of dickie birds.

Local birdlife has decided I’m an inanimate object.

Eh. Déjà vu. I was fifteen. On the farm. Sunbathing in the back yard, I opened one eye to see buzzards circling high overhead.

May 24, 2011 — 10:38 pm
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