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We have a WINNAH!

Veeshir takes the dick with Harry Morgan.

You know what that means! Join me for the new Dead Pool Friday, 6pm WBT sharp.

Wait, what? That’s day after tomorrow? Oh, man…

Bear with me. Still playing catch-up. Talk amongst yourselves.

December 7, 2011 — 11:40 pm
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London. Christmas party. Booze. Chinese food. Midnight train. Laterz.

— 12:44 am
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DIY Death Panel

Saw the doctor today about my persistent cough. Diagnosis: somethin’ done shook my bronchial tree. She gave me an inhaler. I’ve never had an inhaler before. I feel like Nerdly von Geekburger. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to contain any form of narcotic. Or work.

I’d’ve settled for some codeine linctus.

Completely unrelated (but medical), I ran across this fascinating article at Small Dead Animals earlier. It’s about how doctors choose to die. The short answer is: as far away from a hospital as possible.

Guys who have seen it a thousand times don’t want any part of modern medicine’s lurid pull-out-all-the-stops end-of-life snuff theater. (Also, people who opt for home hospice over ICU care live longer, on average, with a much higher quality of life. Go figure).

Something the article didn’t make clear — from my experience of medical people (and I have a few in the family), if a condition is curable or even satisfactorily treatable, they’ll grab all the modern medicine they can get. They aren’t anti-medicine. They’re anti-the-horrible-things-we-do-to-the-hopeless-as-they-fade-away.

Even if the topic gives you the willies, I highly recommend you read the article. And then put some future bureaucrat out of a job by making arrangements for yourself.

December 6, 2011 — 12:04 am
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Faceplant the Fox

Flipping through the Telegraph this morning, I ran across this great sequence of photos by wildlife photographer Richard Peters. It’s a fox pouncing on a mouse under the snow.

I thought it cried out to be stitched together into an animation. Click the picture to see the animated version. I think you’ll agree with me.

That, no. On second thought, it didn’t cry out to be an animation at all.

Good weekend, everyone!

December 2, 2011 — 10:49 pm
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Electric kazoo, bitches!

Just in time for Christmas, the electric kazoo!

Yes, it’s real! And yes, it’s every bit as stupid and pointless as you think. (Also, yes, that’s a little teeny, tiny 9 volt Fender amp back there).

What? Look, I’m a banjo player. You were expecting taste?

December 1, 2011 — 9:09 pm
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Night of the nekkid lady

Tonight was the last night of my life drawing class. Sorry for the bad cellphone pic, but this is as close as you’re getting to this sucker.

Eh. It’s okay if you stand back here and squint. I was seated in a tough spot, with an unfortunate compositional hand/tit convergence, but there was no room to move my setup once I saw the pose.

Moar practice. I’ve already signed up for the next series in the new year.

Anyhoo. Late. Gotta run.

— 12:02 am
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