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Weirdest presidential photo op yet…

Drudge ran this picture at the top for a while today. My eyeballs rejected it.

At first I thought, “fake! No way those two are really painting that; brush lettering is *hard*.” So I looked up the original large AP photo, and actually, the quotes are sketched out in pencil on the wall in a shaky hand, and the painted version isn’t any better, so they could easily be painting it to the standard it’s being painted.

So then I thought, “whoa! POTUS and FLOTUS are actually standing all by themselves on two separate little ladders in a school library painting signage? Isn’t that even weirder?”

I don’t mean to be a jerk about it. The President and First Lady visited an elementary school and helped paint inspirational MLK quotes on the library wall. That’s nice. I’m just having fun with the appalling stagecraft.

The two of them. Totally alone in the room. Backs to the camera. Facing away from each other. Ten feet apart. Chundering away at their separate work assignments like they’re doing community service for a DUI or something. Bad, BAD presidential optics.

By the way, Mister and Mrs Sooper Genius, you’re doing it backwards. Right handers should work left to right, left handers should work right to left. Otherwise, you have to brace your hand or you’ll drag it through wet paint.

Original huge color version here, if you’d like to snark for yourself.

January 17, 2012 — 9:36 pm
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My god, it’s full of chickens!

Yes, yes…another computer game post. All the cool kids are playing Skyrim, and so am I (even though it’s essentially the basic game as the last two I’ve played through. If you like a type of game, this is no bad thing).

The typical computer game leads you through a series specifically defined challenges, A to B to C and on to the grand finale. You can do some side-exploring and Easter egg hunting, but the plot is the plot.

In games of the Skyrim type, they just drop you into a big ol’ world and let you get on with it.

Kind of.

There are a few big tasks that must done to advance the game to the ending, but the rest is wandering around doing the hell you feel like.

Be a giant cat! Learn alchemy in your spare time! Smite bandits! Join the Resistance! Steal things! Wander around staring at shit!



While the playworlds get bigger and more fun to look at, these games get a lot more interesting to play. Imagine the fun the designers had hiding a practicing necromancer in a stone circle in the middle of the woods, in hopes you might jog past and enjoy frying his ass.

Oh, and the chickens! There are beautifully animated chickens in all the towns. I followed them around chicken watching for a while.

Haven’t killed any, but I did immolate a bunny in the woods once with a fire spell. On purpose. I felt kind of bad about that, but I did get a meal out of it.

— 12:12 am
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