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Nope. No idea.

Google Translate wasn’t much help, either. I think the caption was something like, “Girls, what are you doing?”

Got jammed up tonight, but I know my audience. I figured this picture would earn me a stunned silence, followed by a thoughtful pause, followed by a prolonged period of wistful introspection.

During which I could slip out the back door unnoticed.

January 10, 2012 — 11:25 pm
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Okay, I’ve come up with my slogan for 2012

The great thing is, it works equally well for both parties. And, come to think of it, nearly every election I’ve ever voted in, ever.

Other slogans considered: “Let’s Get This Over With” “Oh, Goody” and “WhatEVER.”

— 12:13 am
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