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Sometimes, nothing in my wildest Photoshop can compete with reality. Sheesh. I thought Hill had something good going on with that Bond villain look — you know, severe hair pull-back, Nehru jacket. This Hillbo the Clown thing, not so much.

But I don’t want to talk about that, I want to talk about Huma Abedin (hahaha…see wot I did thur?). Do you realize it’s been a year next week since Anthony Weiner resigned?

Huma continues as Hillary’s lovely assistant — last caught on camera in that role last October, handing Hill her blackberry with the news that Mo Ghadaffi was an ex-parrot.

Two months later, Huma gave birth to little Jordan Zain Weiner. Jordan Zain Weiner. Is there no end to the tragedy?

Anyhoo, the New York Post published a little snotty about Weiner’s new role as a stay-at-home Dad. And then the Atlantic pulled off a neat trick – they wrote a post about the Post‘s post.

That way, they could recap last year’s delightful Weiner scandal, repeat all the Post‘s snark about Weiner’s Mister Mom act, and then be ever so snooty about what a dreadful lowbrow rag the Post is for printing such scurrilous filth.

God, they think we’re stupid.

June 7, 2012 — 10:47 pm
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