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Notice anything?

The Daily Caller has been digging up old Obama videos. Yesterday, they unearthed the complete video of a speech he gave at Hampton University in 2007. The media reported about the speech at the time, but they reported on a sanitized “transcript” handed to them, not on the actual stuff coming out of his mouth. So all the shouty black man bits were taken out.

But I like today’s video nugget even better. It’s from a speech he gave at the University of Chicago on MLK Day in 2002.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but rich people are all for nonviolence. Why wouldn’t they be? They’ve got what they want. They want to make sure folks don’t take their stuff.

You don’t have to squint and tilt your head to see him justifying — even inciting — a little violence and robbery here.

Anyhow, I don’t think this is any kind of game changer. Only political junkies will ever see these clips, and everybody — even the folks who are going to vote for him — know he’s a phony, race-baiting jackhole by now.

But I wanted to call attention to something. Look at the pictures. What’s missing?

Yup. Obama was once able to give long, impassioned speeches with no more than a few notes on the podium. This guy. The one who can’t sing Happy Birthday today without his head ping-ponging between two ‘prompters.

I’m thinking it’s because the man they’re trying to project to the public is a complete lie. He would have no idea what to say if it weren’t written down, because all the words he utters are foreign to him.

Enjoy the debates tonight (as if!). They’re happening two in the morning our time, so I shan’t be staying up for them. I’ll be watching the highlight reel in the morning (unless something embarrassing happens. I can’t deal with that).

October 3, 2012 — 9:40 pm
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