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This is what happens when you put Greens in charge

Okay, so Brighton and Hove Town Council are thinking of scrapping ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ in official paperwork. The reason? It’s complicated.

No, no…the reason isn’t complicated. Gender is complicated. We’ve moved beyond straight, gay and transgender into a category called genderqueer. No, really — that’s a thing. It’s apparently gender’s Undecided column.

I suspect the ordinance unlikely to go through, even in Brighton (the South coast’s gay capital; it’s always been a little…queer in Brighton). But it’s been proposed (yes, by a Green party councilor). Oh, and tax forms have already scrapped Mr, Mrs and Miss in favor of the gender-neutral Mx.

Here’s the thing. I just really don’t want to think about your issues any more. Do whatever you like, and as long as you aren’t hurting anybody, I’m okay with it. But please stop demanding that I think about your genitals and your sex life so much, okay?

All of you. Not just the extra bent people — the straight people, too. I don’t want mental pictures of ANYbody else’s stuff any more, okay? Just. Ew. Deal with it yourselves.

The picture? Generic picture of Brighton Pier. I was laughing about this the other day – have you noticed no online news story is ever published without a picture, even if they have to rustle up something stupid? Like, “Fox Steals Picnic Basket” runs with a picture of a fox and the caption “file photo of a fox.” Oh, hey. Good to know.

But in this case? You’ll thank me for not picking one from the ‘genderqueer’ images search.

Okay. Here. Tomorrow. Six sharp. Round 41 of the Dead Pool. Be here or be genderqueer! Unless you already are, in which case…bummer, Mx.

October 25, 2012 — 11:05 pm
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