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Ooo! Buy me it, please

This beautiful object is described as “Antique Taxidermy Weasel Stoat with Tiny Saint’s Crown Perched on a Golden Branch Cabinet of Curiosities Wunderkammer.” For sale on Etsy in Spain for a mere £117.59 (that’s $176.38 of your yankee dollars). Be sure to hit the link and check out the side view. Stoatily majestic!

Yeah, you know how I got there. I got there through a Google images search for “snarling weasel.” But, to be honest, my heart isn’t in it tonight. Oh, I’m cranky enough, I just don’t have anything original to add.

It’s not so much gay marriage per se, it’s this observation of Ace’s (and Allahpundit’s): by this ruling, the court has invalidated the whole idea of the state referendum. They can’t have meant to do that, can they?

The arrogance and detachment of our masters is on par with royalty of old. Then it was all, “clearly God wanted me to rule men, or I would not have been born a lord. Plus, look at all this gold and this big house and shit!”

Now it’s “I went to the right schools, I learned the creed, I smooched the proper asses, I crawled up the greasy pole and so have clearly proved my right to tell lesser men what to do.” If I said the Tree of Liberty was looking a little droopy these days, I’d probably call down the NSA on my ass, wouldn’t I?

Hmmm. You know, every time I look into that sweet weasel’s face I hear Peter Lorre laughing.

June 26, 2013 — 11:05 pm
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