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The British Daily Telegraph used to be my favorite newspaper. Well written, right of center. It has– like so many once-great institutions — been trending left for years. All institutions drift leftward with time, and the Telegraph has had some unhelpful changes of ownership and management.

Recently, they’ve had theyselves a good old purge of conservatives, making the paper unreadable once and for all. Oh, well. The Telegraph’s loss has been Breitbart’s gain.

Gerald Warner is one such. I’m going to stamp my little foot and insist you read his essay published today (just kidding — I have huge feet!).

His thesis is that the scoundrels who locked arms at the front of the parade are the very incompetents who have made our countries into the violent, multiculti shit-holes they are today. He says it better. Go read.

But, not central to his thesis was a bit at the end about our ‘friends’ at Charlie Hebdo.

The brutal murder of its journalists should not blind us to the true character of the magazine. Charlie Hebdo is a far-left publication promoting authoritarian repression of politically incorrect views. Just 18 months ago it published a petition to President Francois Hollande demanding the compulsory dissolution of the Front National. It had already run a similar petition in 1996.

“We ask you to dissolve the Front National, this league whose political aim is to bring about the end of the Republic,” said the Charlie Hebdo petition. So, a party that came first in the recent European elections in France, with 4.7 million votes and 24 seats in the European parliament, and whose leader received 6.4 million votes in the 2012 presidential election and is ahead of Francois Hollande in polls for the next contest, should be forcibly dissolved, in the view of freedom-loving Charlie Hebdo.

Yeah, not quite the freedom absolutists one might have hoped. I still support their right to be assholes without getting murdered by even assier assholes but truly, they are assholes.

Oh, yes. That up there is exactly what you think it is: the Charlie Hebdo September 11 tribute issue.

January 14, 2015 — 9:15 pm
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