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You be careful out there

Police are trying to trace a mobility scooter rider who crashed into two elderly pedestrians – and then failed to stop to help.

The victims, two women – one in her 60s and one in her 80s- were knocked to the ground and suffered injuries including a sprained ankle and cut heel.

They were left “shocked and shaken”.

The incident took place outside KFC, Sandgate Road, Folkestone, at 3.30pm on December 22.

The rider of the mobility scooter is described as a white woman in her 60s of medium or large build with a plump face.

She was wearing a bobble hat, a yellow camel coat, laced shoes and glasses and was riding a metallic burgundy mobility scooter described as ‘bigger than average’.

Officers haven’t managed to identify her despite a number of possible sightings.

I know the stereotype is a fat American shopping Wal*Mart in these scooter things, but Igottatellya, they are EVERYwhere here.

Because elderly people retire to the seaside and because, I think, the NHS will pay for them. They’re dangerous as hell, and not just when old ladies run down other old ladies. People ride them in the street or run up onto the sidewalk and regularly tip over into the path of traffic.

Hm. Now I see why the NHS will pay for them.

Good weekend, folks!

January 23, 2015 — 10:37 pm
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