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SPOILER: Normans win


Friday was the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, which was actually in Battle. (Maybe. No artefacts have ever turned up in the field next to Battle Abbey, where It supposedly took place).

And what was Battle called before the Battle? Senlac. It was called the Battle of Senlac Hill for a while. True story.

Is it my imagination, or have the Saxons chubbed up a bit in the last 950 years? Eh.

There were, of course, all sorts of celebrations ’round our area, all of which we successfully avoided. Uncle B and I once went looking for fish and chips in Battle on October the 14th without remembering our history and wondered why the town was stuffed full of Normans and Saxons and whether we’d slipped through a time gate or some shit. Once is enough.

I noticed in some of the FaceBook pictures there were ladies in chain mail on the battle field. Weasel does not approve. This is the re-enactment equivalent of breaking the fourth wall.

First person who says Boadicea, I shall gut thee with mine trusty seax. She was a one-off and that was a thousand years earlier.

Yes, there was plenty of handwringing about whether the Conquest was a good thing. These people can sure hold a grudge. A good old Anglo-Saxon value, that.

October 17, 2016 — 7:49 pm
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