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My computer died this afternoon.

I woke it up from hibernation and it tripped a house circuit. When the power was restored, I hit the switch and…nothing. Not a flicker.

Is that the power supply? It sounds like the power supply.

That leaves me with a dilemma. Power supply is a trivial fix, but this is already a ten-year-old computer. It’s been an excellent one (I always stretch my budget to get the bestest machine I possibly can), but it’s had other hiccups.

In fact, there’s a chance the fancy new graphics card may have overloaded the power supply. I don’t know. Does it work like that?

Anyway, I’ll open it up over the weekend and see if there’s a…fuse or short or something. Like I could spot that. And then I have to make a painful choice.

What am I typing on now? I have a vintage 2003 XP machine up in my workroom that I use exclusively to look at pictures of chickens. Anything more sophisticated than that (like surfing the internet) and it whines and cries and gets the hives.

I’ll keep you posted.

p.s. Unkawill wins the Dead Pool with Roy Clarke. Despite my…issues…there will be a new Dead Pool tomorrow. Same weasel time, same weasel channel.

November 15, 2018 — 7:23 pm
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