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Feral no more

Twitter reminds me it’s International Cat Day. Slavish devotee of social media that I am, I have posted a cat.

Come to think of it, it’s nearly the anniversary of the day this little monkey stuck his head around our front door (not quite — I’ve just check the blog. It was July 27).

He’s grown into a lovely beast. A fine hunter and climber of trees. A bit of a wanderer.

Tree story. Most days when I get home, he stands outside and cries until I give up and go out to him. Whereupon he makes a great show of dashing up one particular tree (it’s an easy climber near the house) and back down again. Finally — and he’s very particular about this — he steps off the tree at shoulder height and onto my chest. We might repeat this four times in an afternoon.

I have several times rescued this boy out of a tree. The first time, he was genuinely and dangerously stuck — he was little and a neighborhood bully cat had chased him way up a tree with no side branches. Despite the conventional wisdom, I really don’t think he could have come down again intact without help. (In this case, a guy doing work on my neighbor’s house shinnied up the tree far enough to reach him and handed him down).

This may be fanciful of me, but I think he’s reliving a tree rescue over and over.

Anyway, check out social media. It’s fuller than usual of cat pictures tonight.

August 8, 2019 — 8:46 pm
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